Peptide complexes with individual measuring for your health

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Health is the basis of our whole life, and in order to preserve it, an integrated approach is needed. It is important to start the recovery of the body as a whole, to maintain youth at the cellular level and to slow down the external signs of aging. All these directions are united in Natural peptide complexes Peptides, which are a combination of 3 peptide bioregulators of the Cytomax class.

As you already know, cytomax are distinguished by special qualities: they have proven their effectiveness, have no side effects and are fully compatible with any other preparations.

The combined use of 3 peptide bioregulators - preparations of the "cytomax" class gives a quick and prolonged effect in comparison with the schemes of separate use.

The preparations modulate each other's action. They are selected taking into account the work of each organ and the peculiarities of the recovery process in each specific tissue.

A great advantage of these complexes is the ability to smoothly adjust the dose of the preparation, depending on the individual response of each person. Each complex includes 3 peptide bioregulators, 60 capsules each.