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Mamiton - Oncoprotector for female reproductive system

Bulk: 60 capsules by 0,39 g

Medication on the basis of natural components, which normalizes work of female reproductive system, raises the immune status of an organism, renders powerful antioxidant, anti-mitotic, estrogen-blocking actions, especially at risk of oncopathology development due to hormonal violations. The resveratrol, which is a part of medication, not only prevents development of malignant new growths, but also reduces risk of osteoporosis disease, and also stimulates collagen synthesis, thus improving skin and hair condition.


  • various forms of mastopathy,
  • for smooth and soft correction of endocrine system activity,
  • prevention of hormonedependent diseases of female reproductive system organs (mammary glands, uterus and appendages),
  • optimization of the female hormonal status,
  • violation of menstrual cycle,
  • prevention of female oncopathology.
Ingredients: MCC (agent regulating sticking), gelatin capsule (gelatin, food coloring E171), an extract of motherwort, extract rose hips, extract nettle leaves, vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate), resveratrol, extract of the herb horsetail, extract thallus kelp, extract grass knotweed, extract herb peppermint, extract hops, extract walnut, calcium stearate (anti-caking agent), vitamin A (retinol palmitate).

Recommended as a source of resveratrol and an additional source of vitamins A and E.

How to apply:

Adults and children older 14 years by 1 capsule 1- 2 times a day with meal. Duration of reception is 1 month. 3-4 repeated receptions within a year are possible.

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