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About Us

The 'Peptides Greece' company dynamically grows up, increases efficiency, offering clients the new products, conforming to higher expectations.

Peptide Greece - online store, exclusively and officially presented at the Greek market, offering highly effective products directed to preservation of youth, beauty and health.

In our online store is presented production from the producer, that allows to offer high-quality production by competitive prices.


For cooperation Peptide Product chooses perspective companies which have serious scientific and economic potential and are leaders in the branch. For this reason, the Research-Production Center of Revitalization and Health has been elected to a role of the main strategic partner. The priority direction of Revitalization and Health Center work is research and development in the field of aging prevention and the program of biorevitalization. Specialists of company`s scientific department suggest to take a look at problem of aging from a different angle and to be engaged not in elimination of consequences, but prevention of age changes emergence, bringing us to a conclusion that beauty and youth directly depends on the condition of organism in general.

We are leaders in the field of anti-aging technologies, peptide and non-peptide bioregulation, the only official representative of the St. Petersburg institute of bioregulation and gerontology. We possess the largest range of peptide production! Today we have presented more than 250 medicines which don't have analogs (peptide and non-peptide bioregulators which are used for the purpose of health, youth and beauty recovery).

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