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Treatment and prophylactic

A line of geroprotectors of a new generation was created taking into account the most modern scientific achievements in the field of anti-aging medicine.

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Actiman Bulk: 30 capsules by 0,39 gThe multicomponent medicine, improving activity of men's urinogenital system. Improves trophic processes in the prostate gland, testicles and epididymis. Improves processes of spermatozoa maturing and their mobility in ejaculate. Reduces stagnant and inflammatory ..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210013
Adestab Bulk: 60 tablets by 1 gDespite a lot of ways of prevention a heart attack and cerebral crysis, it is important to keep a vascular wall undamaged. For this purpose has been developed a soft hypotensive and angiotropic medicine "Adestab". Walls of healthy vessels are elastic and smooth, capab..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210051
Alvenorm Forte Bulk 120 mlThe combination of intensively acting ultrashort peptides and a whole complex of medicinal phytoextracts (Iceland moss, plantain, cowberry leaf, nettle, licorice root, eucalyptus, calendula, thyme) provides the most effective result in the prevention and correction of bron..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210072
Amvix - For increased physical activities. Bulk: 10 tablets by 2,5 gUnfavorable consequences of stressful situations and increased physical and intellectual activities considerably worsen quality of life — reduce working capacity and nullify all the efforts spent earlier, directed to the goal achie..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210093
Ardiliv - Liver recovery Bulk: 30 capsules by 0,3 gResult of combination of the last achievements of European and east medicine. Medicine realizes the action in several directions. It is stimulation of liver cell regeneration, detoxication and antioxidant action, and also blocking of spread of a he..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210213
Calsil-T - Source of calcium and magnesium Bulk: 20 tablets by 1,0 gComplex medicine for extension of active longevity on the basis of calcium, magnesium and also vitamins A, D and E. Influences on key links in the chain of pathogenesis of the accelerated aging, resolving cell activity of all organ..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210233
Canacor - Effective support of heart and vessels Bulk: 120 mlThe complex medicine supporting activity of heart and a condition of vessels at optimum physiological level. Improves a cycle of tissue respiration in a myocardium and increases its resistance to ischemia. Reduces the frequency of arrhyth..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210633
Chondromix Bulk: 30 tablets by 0,52 gComplicated complex medicine with polyvalent action, positively influencing process of cartilaginous tissue recovery. Action is strengthened by simultaneous use of the most powerful antioxidant enzymes, preventing damage of collagen molecule - one of the main st..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210652
Chondromix balm-cream - Chondroprotector, sedative agent for joints and muscles Bulk 50 mlCream-balm on the basis of cartilages and vessels peptides softly and carefully eliminates pain syndrome, improving local blood circulation, nutrition of joint and trophicity of periarticular tissues. Penetrat..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210241
COMPLEX 3D - Сomplex “2 in 1” preparation based on detoxicants and antioxidants Bulk: 30 capsules by 0,4gСomplex “2 in 1” preparation based on detoxicants and antioxidants. Due to the presence of such active ingredients as tripeptide glutathione, SOD and catalase, dihydroquercetin, the drug is able..
Complex 3R
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Stock: Out Of Stock Code: 7210253
Complex 3R - Antioxidant organism protection Bulk: 30 tablets by 0,25gNowadays healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition, fitness and various medicines, which are slowing down aging on the cellular level, are very popular. The best trade tendencies are found in anti-age practice today. One of them in Ru..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210153
Digemax - Reliable help to digestive tract Bulk: 120 mlHighly effective medicine on the basis of natural components normalizes activity of digestive tract, has the ambient effect on the mucous membrane of a stomach, thereby making protective barrier, interfering action of aggressive components and ..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210133
Gelmigon - Help in fighting against parasites Bulk: 30 capsules by 0,4 gThe complex medicine on the basis of vegetable raw materials possessing a wide range of anti-parasitic action. It forms the necessary concentration of vegetable poisons in an organism, intolerable for parasites, but safe for hu..
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Stock: In Stock Code: 7210173
Imusil - Protection of immune system Bulk: 20 capsules by 0,31 gThe natural innovative immunorestorer on the basis of lakto-and bifidobacteria wall cells in combination with echinacea and ascorbic acid. Activates all the links of immune protection, weakened by daily loadings, infections and stress...
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210193
Indosine - Prevention of oncological diseases Bulk: 30 tablets by 0,52 gOne of the perspective directions in fight against oncological diseases is onco-prophylaxis. Due to steady growth of incidence rate, is needed development, creation and introduction in practice the new highly effective medicine..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210273
Levain - Complex medicine with immunomodulatory and antistress action Bulk: 30 tablets by 0,3 gThe immunomodulator 'Levain' with antistress action applies when having autoimmune diseases, for CNS activity improvement, for the blood circulatory system, decrease in risk of disease development in acco..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210292
Likam - Antitoxicological agent Bulk: 30 tablets by 0,5 gComplex antitoxicological medication 'Likam' is recommended to take at various intoxications of an organism: toxic defeats of vessels, alcoholic and chronic medicational intoxications, long antibiotic treatment. Besides, this complex medicati..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210313
Mamiton - Oncoprotector for female reproductive system Bulk: 60 capsules by 0,39 gMedication on the basis of natural components, which normalizes work of female reproductive system, raises the immune status of an organism, renders powerful antioxidant, anti-mitotic, estrogen-blocking actions, espec..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210332
Olecap - Prevention of heart attack and stroke Bulk: 30 capsules by 0,84 gNatural angiorestorer on the basis of polynonsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3, Omega-6, tocopherols and tocotrienols class. Effectively slows down growth of atherosclerotic plaques, reduces cholesterol level in blood. Has..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7030350
Regenart - Protection of joints and liver. Bulk: 20 capsules by 0,30 gComplex medicine on the basis of dandelion root extract, artichoke, chondroitin sulphate and dihydroquercetin. 'Regenart' accelerates the course of liver detoxication processes, and also regeneration of cartilaginous tissue and j..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210533
Retisil - Reliable help to vision Bulk: 120 mlMulticomponent medicine, supporting vision organs activity at optimum physiological level. Promotes noticeable improvement of blood supply and metabolism in retina. Interferes atrophy of optic nerve, development of angiopathies and retina degeneration o..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210542
Rinolax - Nose balms with cleansing and remedial action Bulk: 50 ml / 10 mlNose balms "Cleansing" and "Regenerating" - innovative, effective preparations for the prevention and correction of colds. They stimulate the regenerative processes in the tissues of the upper respiratory tract. Therapeutic ..
Stock: In Stock Code: 7210573
Trezvon - Reduction of alcoholic intoxication symptoms Bulk: 10 tablets by 0.71 gPreparation 'Trezvon' softens force of alcoholic blow, reduces symptoms of alcoholic intoxication, promotes deliverance of alcohol addiction at course application, as a part of complex therapy.'Trezvon' contains biolog..
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Stock: Out Of Stock Code: 7210114
Volustom - new generation of absorbent products Bulk: 150 gMulticomponent preparation on the basis of food fiber`s complex for organism purification, normalization of weight and improvement of gastrointestinal tract activity. Protects organism`s internal environment from toxic substances and radion..
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