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Thyreogen 60

Thyreogen 60
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Thyreogen 60
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Thyreogen 60 - thyroid gland

Bulk 60 capsules of 0,2 g

Complex of peptide fractions, acquired from thyroid gland of young animals. Discharged peptides possess selective action to thyroid glands cells, normalize metabolism in cells and regulate thyroid gland functions.

The efficiency of 'Thyreogen' medicine was defined at clinical studying. It is effective for complex recovering of thyroid gland functions after diseases of various genesis, at the pathological states leading to violation of thyroid gland functions, influence of external environment extreme factors, malnutrition,at aging and also while living in the territory, endemic to diseases of thyroid gland.


  • metabolic disorders,
  • prevention of thyroid gland diseases,
  • hypo - and hyperthyrosis,
  • autoimmune thyroiditis.

Ingredients (Per 1 capsule): peptide complex A-2 (peptides of thyroid), microcrystalline cellulose (E460, the flowing agent), gelatin (encapsulating agent), sugar beet (binding filler), lactose (excipient-humectant), starch (stabilizer), tween-80 (emulsifier), titanium dioxide (E171, coloring agent for capsules).

How to apply: Adults 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day, with meal.

Course duration - 1 month. 

A-2 The complex of peptide fractions A-2 (thyroid peptides) has a tissue-specific regulatory effect on various thyroid cells, normalizes their metabolism and restores thyroid function to a physiologically optimal level, preventing the development of pathological conditions in it.

You can download licenses:

Thyreogen - Certificate (English)

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